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How to Buy a Business.Buying a Business is a process, not an event.  According to Richard Parker, "the average small business purchase involves 36 critical questions you must ask every seller, 200 individual points to investigate, 54 specific clauses to negotiate and 73 key issues to review." Are you ready? It is daunting, and potentially very costly (if not disasterous!), if you attempt to learn the process by trial and error. It is not daunting if you don't try to "re-invent the wheel." Here's the best possible thing you can do to "Buy a Good Company at a Great Price" - buy Parker's system by the same name and learn the process. Thousands worldwide swear by it and have successfully acquired thousands of companies. It is simply the best advice and system I can point to that will make you an educated, confident, and equipped buyer. You will learn how we as brokers can assist you in the process, but the better equipped you are as a buyer makes us a stronger team together. Follow the link below to get Richard's course. It will save you money and heartache in the long-run.

To get a sense of how to identify which companies present good opportunities, read the info on the Buyer - Making Money page. It will explain the significance of cash flow and several important factors in a successful purchase. You can see featured companies that meet those criteria on the Businesses For Sale page. But not all important aspects of buying a business are financial. There are personal issues that need to be addressed too in order to achieve not only the Profit, but also the Freedom that comes from owning your own business. Visit the Buyer - Life Changes page to explore those challenges. Or perhaps you've already completed the purchase and want to take company performance to the next level. We're also able to provide consulting services that can help get your company to peak performance or successfully complete the post merger integration . We can provide significant assistance in cost avoidance, cost savings, and revenue growth initiatives, using our proprietary methods such as LEGIST and the business Architectural Maturity Model. Visit the page Business Consulting for more details.